Gurgaon >> Jaipur >> Jaisalmer
839 kms | 17 hrs | Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield Classic 350 in the middle of Thar Desert in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

DAY 1 | Gurgaon – Jaipur | 240 kms

So the trip starts from Gurgaon on a Monday afternoon i.e. 24 December 2019. I started from Gurgaon at around 1:30 pm after all the arrangements were checked for. There’s this common yet not so common emotion at the start of any trip, you’re a little excited, a little nervous and restless and you can’t really help it. It just keeps getting better as you dwell more into the trip.

It was a smooth start, fine highways and below average traffic. It had been 1.5 hours into the ride and the highway “nailed it”. “It” being my rear tyre. Obviously, It is a puncture, but well now I was used to it. It was like a very normal thing to happen the only thing was that it just happened at the start of the trip. But you can’t really help it. It took half an hour to get fixed and get back to the road.

At 3:30 pm, I made my way back to the road, pretty straight road. I cruised my way towards Jaipur. Around sunset, I found my self stopping by one side of the highway to capture the beautiful sunset and then kept observing the sky until all the shaded of Yellow, Orange and Red turned into the night sky.

Around 8, I reached Adi’s place and that was the time to relax and retreat.

Day 2 | Exploring Jaipur

Though I had planned to leave for Jaisalmer after the breakfast but plans changed. We (Me, Adi and Anandita) went out for the breakfast at Curious Life Coffee Roasters, the place had amazing coffee and food. A fun place to spend time for good conversations. After spending good 3 hrs there I made a quick short trip to Nahargarh Fort, Adi and Anandita went back to home.

” Nahargarh Fort holds a special place in my heart it was the first ever steep ride I took on my bike, it was scary but worth it. “

Post this i made my way back to the city and realized that people really like celebrating Christmas in Jaipur, all the cafes and restaurants were packed by people enjoying Christmas celebrations. Met another friend, made my back to home and it was our time to celebrate Christmas over Red wine and Conversations.

” There comes this realization that Adi, Anandita and I don’t talk too much or we don’t meet that often but we are still connected to each other at the same level and the bond keeps growing as we meet. And that’s the beauty of friendship, it isn’t about the amount of time spent together but about the quality of time spent together. “

With this thought, I went to bed.

Day 3 | Jaipur – Jaisalmer | 558 kms

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